Prices and Billing

How your bill is calculated

We meter and periodically aggregate customer usage, this means your invoice depends on your data size and access patterns and the price table below. Due to overheads and payment processing fees, there is a minimum purchase of storage of 300 GiB per month ($3.00).

Current Prices

Billable Usage Unit Price
Monthly Data Storage (GiB) $0.01 USD
Network Egress (GiB) $0.02 USD

Data Storage

You are charged for the peak data storage during the course of a billable month at the above rates. There is a minimum purchase of 300GiB of monthly storage.

Network Ingress

You are not charged for data uploaded to our servers.

Network Egress

You are charged for each GiB of data downloaded from our servers at the above rates, note that this includes all bupstash and ssh protocol traffic.

Contact support if you need a discounted bulk rate for an emergency restore and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Free Trial

New accounts have a $5.00 credit applied to their first monthly invoice so you can try the service at no cost. Your credit card will not be charged if you cancel your subscription before the trial ends and your usage does not exceed the free credit.

Tips for avoiding an unexpected Bill

Understand the size of your dataset and the cost of restoring it in full before an emergency.

Bupstash uses compression and deduplication, but it can be hard to predict the final size of your repository, try creating a repository on a local external drive if you are unsure.