Privacy Policy

What we collect and why

The only data we require of your account is your email address.

You may be required to provide the following information in order to successfully operate some parts of the service, some of which may be used to uniquely identify you:

We also obtain some information from your web browser and other software as you use our services:

If you choose to use our paid services, we will store a token which is used to bill your payment method. Information like your credit card number cannot be recovered from this token.

We also use cookies to store long-lived authorization data, to remember that you're logged into your account between visits without prompting you for to login again. We also use cookies to store short-lived information, like the fact that we have to tell you on the next page you load that we completed some operation sucessfully for you.

We do not embed content hosted by third-parties in our website, with two exceptions:

We are not responsible for any additional information your web browser may send to these third parties.

We may also be required to remit your data upon receiving an order from a court.

Changes to this document

We may make changes to this document with no less than 2 weeks notice. Notice of these changes will be sent to the email on file for your account.